The original Air Jordan 5 was released in February 1990. Designed by Hatfield, and like his other designs, was truly revolutionary. Some elements were the same from the Air Jordan 4, but the 5’s most distinctive feature is arguably its reflective tongue. There was also another innovation: clear rubber soles. The soles gave the shoe a whole new and unique look, but it quickly turned yellow in reaction to water. Collectors’ responses to this was storing the shoes in a cool, dry place with a desiccant at the soles, most commonly silica packs. The Jordan 5 also came with lacelocks, making strapping on easy.

Hatfield is rumored to have drawn inspiration for the Air Jordan 5 from the World War II Mustang fighter plane; easily seen in the shark teeth shapes on the midsole. The 5 was retroed in 2000 to great demand, including a new colorway featuring Michael Jordan’s high school (Laney High) colors. In 2006 several re-retro 5’s had released including the very popular “Grape” 5’s, and the “Fire-Red” 5’s. Along with the latter, a very limited laser design and the black/metallic/fire red colorways were released in early 2007.

The Air Jordan 5’s can also be seen in NBC’s The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, when Will Smith is spinning in the chair in the opening credits and he is also wearing the White/Fire Red 5’s during the Banks family’s formal dinner invite in the very first episode of the hit sitcom.He is also seen wearing the Grape 5’s when his friend “Ice Tray” visits him from Philadelphia.

On another note, the Air Jordan 5’s were a top seller. More 5’s made than any other pairs of Jordans. The Jordan 5 is considered the best design and structure to actually wear during games.