Jordan 5 Retro: Classic Jordans for the New Age

Jordans are some of the most highly-desired sneakers on the face of the planet. They have been in production for a long time, and the classics are always loved by the fans. If you want a freshly revived classic, look no further than the Jordan 5 Retro LS.


The Air Jordan 5 Retro LS is a slightly updated look to a very classic shoe. The Jordan 5 Carolina Blue variant looks especially great with its contrast of colors. The bright blue and light grey accents definitely pop on the mostly black surface of the shoe. The main of the exterior is made from a black suede-like material that’s soft to the touch and feels very luxurious. Contrasting Carolina Blue stitching breaks up the monotony and keeps things interesting. On the sides you have a nice netting design that appears to be more of an aesthetic than a functional thing. Standard black laces wrap around a light grey tongue which features a bold, black “Jumpman” logo. At the rear of the Jordan 5 Carolina Blue variant is–you guessed it–a Carolina Blue Jumpman. The interior of the Jordan 5 Retro is lined in Carolina Blue material, has a black bottom, and features the words “Air Jordan” on the inner tongue.

The sole of the shoe has lots of hills and valleys, giving it an aggressive look. At the heel is a see-through air pocket, and bits of translucent blue poke out from the bottom and onto the side of the sole. The most notable design is the white “teeth” rising up from the sole. These were said to have been inspired by the Mustang fighter jet. The bottom of the sole is lined with alternating sections of black and translucent blue with a large “Jordan” carved into the rubber, and a Jumpman logo can be seen through the largest blue panel.

Overall, the Jordan 5 Carolina Blue version is a nice looking shoe, but plenty of other Jordans out there are superior in terms of looks and design. This shoe just doesn’t have the edge and style that some of the others do, but that’s not to say the Jordan 5 is ugly because it is far from that.


The shoe is comfy and fits well, but it’s nothing special. The Jordan Retro 5 isn’t as light as some of its other cousins but feels good enough for any athletic activity. The air pocket in the heel gives the shoe a lightness and slight bounce to the step, making it very suitable for basketball.


Like all Jordans, the Retro 5 will likely cost you a pretty penny. If you are good at finding online bargains, you might be able to snatch up a pair for around 90 bucks–but don’t be too sure that they are authentic. Average prices should be closer to $150, but some websites are selling them for as high as $350. While it might be easy to get ripped off with a bootleg pair on sites like eBay or Craigslist, they also might be your best bets for getting a bargain on a great shoe.


While one could argue that all Jordans, especially variants of the signature numbered line, are all collectible, this particular one is not as rare as the original Jordan 5. However, it is a worthy piece for any wardrobe and will please most Jordan fanatics.