Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan V kicks

Michael Jordan is the epitome of a mega super star who’s fame is derived from his monstrous height, mad skills and repeatedly the most valuable player in his NBA team. Undoubtedly the greatest basketball player of all time, he was effectively marketed to the public, most of which did not even care about the game he played.

One of Michael Jordan’s greatest marketed products were his shoes. The Jordan Brand grew quickly in popularity, amongst basketball players, as well as people who did not have a need for them as a pair of shoes to play basketball with, celebrities wore the Air Jordans like the newest fashion must-haves. Famous celebrities like Will Smith, Chris Rock and Kanye West have rocked the Air Jordan Vs.

Since the first pair of Air Jordans in 1986, they represent not only an athlete’s choice of shoes, but also a whole new shoe culture feeding off the popularity of the best basketball player ever known. The Air Jordan V is our favourite in particular due to the fierce look deriving from the shark teeth design incorporated across all Air Jordan Vs.