Michael Jordan’s Baseball Career

Michael Jordan will forever be known as the Greatest of All Time (G. O. A. T.) basketball player, winning countless awards for what he does best. However when he announced his first retirement in October 1993, he also made a drastic change to move from playing for a hugely popular basketball team to a minor league baseball team. The change was said to be a cause of Michael Jordan’s father’s untimely death by two teenagers earlier that year.

What many people thought was that Michael could easily transform himself from a pro basketball player, into a pro baseball player. A lot of people also did not know how much of a hard working and diligent sportsman Michael was. Every morning he would rise before the sun, and on his way to baseball training, he would be driving and talking to his father. Michael would also be the first on the baseball field for training, and he will also be the last to leave at night. His dedication was seen mainly by people who knew him well, and yet Sports Illustrated magazine had tried to ridicule him in an article they wrote.

Despite all the bad press he was getting from critics, they never stopped Michael Jordan from achieving a dream his father never got to see him fulfil while James R. Jordan was alive. However, Michael was doing it solely for his father, whose passion was always baseball. Michael’s father, James R. Jordan, introduced baseball to Michael when he was a young boy, and Michael has loved the game ever since.

Although his baseball career was short lived, he managed to show the world his principles and sound upbringing not only as a basketball star, but also as a well-rounded person who is determined to prove others wrong, even if he did not enter into the major league. Michael needed to prove to himself that being a basketball player does not stop him from fulfilling other dreams that he may have had in the past.


As a result of Michael retiring from basketball for a year to play baseball, the Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield created the Air Jordan IX as a baseball shoe in order for Michael to use. Inspired by Japanese simplicity, it featured ‘speed lacing’ on the shoe.