Spot the Fakes!

How to spot fake Jordan 5’s on eBay.

Spotting fake Jordan 5’s on eBay is just like any other skill, it takes time to master. But, even as a novice, there are some major things that you should be on the look for which can make buying authentic Jordan 5’s on eBay a lot easier.

The first thing to look for is the seller’s country and where the Jordan’s are shipping from. There are many fake “wholesalers” currently selling fake Jordan’s from certain Southeast Asian countries, specifically Taiwan and China.

Second, always make sure that the photo of the Jordan’s you intend to buy contains a name card (see below). This proves that the seller actually has possession of the pair of Jordan’s you are bidding on. This also allows you to check the appearance of the shoe against the description, along with the colorway of the shoe (more on colorways later). You should also be very wary of bidding on any auction that has stock photos.

Third, always check the color of the Jordans in question, if Nike never made that colorway, it’s a fake. Simple.

Many sellers of fake Jordan’s will sell many pairs of the same fake shoe at once. For example Fire Red Jordan 5’s with the reflective tongue are extremely rare and will set you back anywhere from $500 USD to $1500 USD (They were last retro’ed in 2000, the 2007 retro plus Fire Red Jordan 5 has a black tongue). With prices like these it is very hard to even get your hands on one pair, let alone a full size run of them. Sellers of fakes will usually have many of the same shoes they are selling simply because they buy them in bulk. If you see a seller selling the many pairs of the Fire Red Jordan V’s with a reflective tongue, chances are they are counterfeit.

Look out for small details on fakes and try to compare the pictures in the auctions to pictures of real ones. Good Luck out there guys!